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For Kids Just Arriving To Okinawa (YUIMARU)

For Kids Just Arriving To Okinawa (YUIMARU)


FFor a lot of kids, making a move to a new place can be stressful, but it can also be very exciting to begin a new adventure in a new land. Every destination has different features that stand out, and Okinawa as much as anywhere has a very unique culture that lots of people come to love when arriving here. 

In this video that we made for the US Army’s Family and MWR Program, we tried to introduce the Okinawan concept of “Yuimaru” to young people arriving on the island. This spirit of Okinawan togetherness is something that also exists in the programs available to young people just arriving and transitioning to Okinawa life.

If you speak with your guidance counselor, or school liaison officer after arriving they can connect you with some wonderful programs that will take away the uneasiness of settling in to a new place. Your new installation will have facilities for kids and youth, you can check out the teen center, or find a lunch buddy to show you around your new school.

These programs are always available to you and might just introduce you to another great, lifelong friend.

So don’t worry about landing here in Okinawa, after all; it’s an island paradise, with sun and sand all year round!

Helpful Tip for enjoying Okinawa; look for the colorful roadside stalls selling “Kaki-gori”, it’s the traditional shaved ice that Okinawan kids love to snack on on those hot summer days. 

Get one on your way to the beach and enjoy your time here in Okinawa!

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